Cholesterol nowadays become a celebrity... of sickness. It shoot not only to elderly but also youngster to whom love eating processed and junk food. Should we worry about that? Yes, we are.

Cholesterol is a substance our liver can produce. It's needed to build vitamin D, cell walls, hormones and help us to digest fat. Cholesterol is a type of lipid, together with protein (become lipoprotein) cholesterol is traveling to every parts of our body through bloodstream.

There is 2 type of cholesterol :
  • High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL), well known as good cholesterol
  • Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), known as bad cholesterol. When LDL is high it will hardening arteries and decrease blood flow, which put the risk of having heart attack or having stroke.
What cause high in LDL?
How to control LDL?
Keep in mind on your eating habit, that we serve our body not our tongue.

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Nance said…
Hi Donna, visitng u this beautiful friday , bringing lots of smiles ur way. have a blessed one.
bluedreamer27 said…
oh cholesterol are scary
too much of it may cause obesity and obesity may cause heart attack
Aaaa.... Nice info...But, may I know what makes me suffer from HDL?
wao jadi laper nih...liad burger king ntuh mba
Arya said…
Thanks for share this post, it's really useful.
Btw, I have already added at my blogroll, so please check it out..
I do hope you'll do the same way as mine.. thanks a lot
Bala Salgada said…
I believe I got some my self but I'm thin. We call "A bad thin" in our contry, something like you eat, eat and eat but never get fat. LOL.

Thank you! Sure, I'll take your link my new partner.
bluedreamer27 said…
hi donna thanks for visiting my other blog im done putting your links in my main blog and will give you a shout if im done putting it to all my other blogs thanks again for the constant visit!!!
Semar Badranaya said…
nice info Siz... could HDL just minimizing LDL ?
om nunu said…
halow mbam saya udah jadi follow anda, saya tunggu follownya di blog saya
itsvenkatesh said…
hey nice post..lets exchange links
Dorothy L said…
Hey Donna...super awareness information...cholesterol can be so tricky to understand. There are so many different explanations and folk lore out there. your information seems to be very accurate and up to date.
thank you so much for caring for our health and well being:)
Nance said…
got u a fun tag.. check it out. have a fantastic day girl.
David Funk said…
Hi Donna! Nice blog you have here, and thanks for visiting as well as following.

I added your link here: http://www.basicbloganomics.com/2008/11/friends-link-list.html

Take care!
Seno said…
ternyata ada dua jenis colesterol ra Don, jadi tahu nih :)
tarmizi said…
Its informative...
Raini Munti said…
numpang promo :) http://www.raini-sale.blogspot.com
Dhemz said…
my hubby has cholesterol...this is a great info...thanks for sharing Don...:)
Yudie said…
Hi Donna... how r u ?

We must know what cholesterol is.. and find it here. It's very nice post and thanks to share.

have a nice day..
kolesterol sy pernah tinggi..apalagi makanan di kota medan ini, umumnya menggunakan santan..sedangkan sayuran (lalapan) sangat jarang..
mesti hati2 deh..soalnya sangat berbahaya kalo kita tidak bisa menjaga kadar kolesterol..
angga said…
wah lengkap neh tentang kolesterol...
Cholesterol is something ..........danger :)..nice info friend..but sometime we need a litle alcohol to destroy this material especially after finish eating meat..:)
donna510 said…
@ Nance: Thx 4 ur regular visit mare.
@ bluedreamer27: It is, but d food doesn't look that scary.
@ Irfan "melodic" Nugroho: HDL is d good one, is not suffering u so far.
@ Harry Seentings: tinggal beli, disini banyak kang ... :P
@ Arya: Thx a lot Arya.
@ Bala Salgada: Thx a lot Bala, maybe it isn't d time yet 4u 2b fleshy :P
@ Semar Badranaya: Should be, by the food u take.
@ om nunu: Makasih ya, udah difollow up mas ... :)
melati said…
Hi... Donna... thx 4 sharing...
donna510 said…
@ itsvenkatesh: Thx for drop by
@ Dorothy L: U 2 D, Thx for drop by.
@ David Funk: I did it, thx a lot 4 d exchange... :)
@ Seno: Iya mas, makasih dah mampir ... :P
@ Tarmizi: Thx for drop by.
@ Raini Munti: Boleh mba, silakan.
@ Dhemz: U r wellcome mare :P
@ Yudie: Am fine, thx a lot Yudie.
@ Budiawan Hutasoit: Iya bang, kudu ati2, biasanya makanan ga sehat packagingnya lebih menarik. Makasih sarannya bang.
@ Angga: Maasih dah mampir, kemana aja?
@ WELCOME AND STAY HERE: Could be, but alcohol have more side effects than goodness, it's also will harm liver as HDL producer. Thx bang for d gud question.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
great and healthy info...and bad cholesterol is dangerous

added your blog in my cool blogs section

take care
Nopi Mujiyanto said…
Hi donna,.how about Masakan Padang???xixixi
its on type HDL or LDL??
cuz sometimes or maybe really often i always take a lunch with Masakan Padang,.. its delicious,..:)
genial said…
link nya telah terpasang... silahkan di cek di Get Connected

Tripzibit said…
I think we should stop eating junk food for our health. Nice info, Donna :D
dede said…
Nice tips,..have to control the cholesterol too,..

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