It’s been about three months since Influenza A (H1N1) start hogging headlines around the world. It has been 2 months since the first H1N1 patient arrive in Singapore. Since than, Singaporean has been living with daily updates of how many people were confirm infected with the virus, how many were being quarantine and dead victim. Slowly but surely, with all the publicity, people behaviors have also started to change. From what can be observed on the street level, kiasu-ism has kicked in big-time.

Worries and etiquette

There is one story about a teacher who called up the parents of a pupil to take her home, because she sneezed once.
Then there is the hawker at the popular food center who said to the maid ordering food: “Oi, you don’t cough here lah, I scared to get H1N1 you know.” She had cough many times without covering her mouth.
Recently I observed two women on the MRT who whipped out wet wipes to wipe down the strap before holding onto it.
Yet another woman held up her book as if to ward of germs when the person sitting next to her coughed.
Students came from traveling to infected countries been warned by the immigration officer to take extra 1 week holiday, so nice … but lose 5days lessons.
Then the last experience was happened to me few days ago, I sneezed many times in LRT (I got dust allergic) and the whole passenger kept staring at me … But as long as we don’t lose all our graciousness, awareness of how important personal hygiene is in this fight against an extremely infectious bug is a good thing. Keep up with washing of hands and covering mouths when sneezing or coughing. Turn your head quickly away from people if you are about to sneeze or cough. If you feel unwell, put on a mask when you go out. H1N1 is now pandemic.

It is widely circulating in all countries and communities. The virus is here to stay, just like other influenza strains. It is also a quickly evolving situation. How the authorities deal with it will also change accordingly. For example the Ministry of Health is now moving from trying to contain the disease to mitigation measures, which means that not everyone with flu-like symptoms, travel history and exposure to an infected person, will need to be tested for H1N1. In fact, many no longer routinely test patient for H1N1, hence the number of reported cases has also become rather misleading.

The Grand Canyon, the Matterhorn and the Great Barrier Reef are competing with 25 other spectacular natural landmarks in the final phase of the global poll to chose the “New 7 Wonders of Nature”.

The New 7 Wonders organization, lead by Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber, released its list of finalist on last Tuesday. Among them are the Amazon rain forest, the Dead Sea and Ecuador’s Galapagos islands.

People can vote by internet or phone. The winner will be announced in 2011 and share in the glory already enjoyed by the seven-man made wonders chosen two years ago.

Over one billion people are expected to vote. Mr. Weber said he was happy the nominees included places that lie in more than one country. Such as the Dead Sea or the Amazon rain forest, which make people work together across borders.

Africa, where most people vote by mobile phones, has had the biggest increase in votes over the last few weeks.

Niagara Falls will not be among the wonders because United States tourism officials have worries their cash-strapped community might have to pay for costly promotional activities.

Finalists are picking depending on geographical balance, diversity and the importance to human life.

Around 100 million people voted in selection of the seven man-made wonders in 2007. The winners included the Colosseum, the Great Wall, the Taj Mahal, Petra in Jordan, Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil, Machu Picchu and the Pyramid at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Choosing world wonders has been a continuing fascination, with Unesco constantly updating its list of World Heritage Sites, which now totals 890 places.

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Many experts on handling stress advocate turning to traditional practice such as yoga or taiji, or leaning breathing techniques to restore calm. All these are excellent ways to de-stress. Choose one that suits you.

However in the work place, there are some practical steps you can take to handle stress:

Priorities your work and do what is urgent and important first.
Look at what can be delegated and remember always to delegate according to people's strengths, so that you are confident they can get the assigned task done.

Manage your time
There are many training programs on time management that you can sign up for to help you handle your time more effectively. Or, partner with a colleague who is good at time management and is willing to mentor you.

Being able to say "no"
This is difficult but sometimes you have to reject task diplomatically by making others aware that if something else has to be done, something else will fall off the cliff.

Clarify intent.
If someone seems to be undermining you, it is essential to seek clarification. Sit down with the other party and ask why there seems to be a problem. You might be surprised how wrong you were all along. On the other hand, if there are some issues that need to be resolved, you have made the first step in finding the solution.

Seek support
Seek management’s help. Some managers think that more will get done by squeezing the lemon. They fail to understand that better team interaction will deliver better results.

Manage personal stress
Personal problems that brought to workplace will hinder you from working productively, just adds to your stress. Try to resolve it with pope techniques or seeing a counselor. You will be come to work with clear mind.

Why do you smoke? It is so familiar question for you if you are a smoker. You are definitely depend on a cigarette anytime, anywhere and for whatever reason, in happiness and sadness, when you need an idea to write, when you bored, as a best dessert after meal, to waste your time while you wait for something or someone, and some people even prefer to be in hunger rather than no smoke. What a fascinating of cigarette, it is became your best soul mate even closer than your heart-the most important thing in your body to support your life.
Maybe you haven’t realize it yet, because you haven’t feel the effect yet to your self-people surround you and your love one especially, or most probably you think that ‘people could die anytime-anywhere, it’s just a matter of God’s willing’ and so on. You can have lots of reasons to say just to legitimate your ‘addicted’ on cigarette, correct me if I am wrong. Sure, you might don’t care about your self, but do you mind to spare your thought to your love one about the effects you gave them?

What is inside your soul mate?

Cigarette loaded harmful ingredients, the most dangerous things are:
  • Tar: Leave black and sticky spot on to the lungs, it is carcinogenic and a smoking powerful addiction.
  • Ammonium Hydroxide: absorb nicotine to perform an effective delivery system to the lungs. Inhale it may damage the upper respiratory tract
  • Nicotine: has fast effect to speed up heart beat and blood pressure.
  • Benzene: produced during burn processed, high reactive and carcinogenic.
  • Arsenic: Killer poison.
  • Carbon monoxide: it block red cell from oxygen absorption in bloodstream to the lungs, it cause short breath.
I’ve been through this for years; go for counseling, fasting and all the good things to prevent me from smoking. But none were giving me good result, because I was not serious enough to quit, because the feel to quit was not there and I did it in a half way. The true willing comes from your heart within, but you also can’t depend on your willing to quit, depend on someone to get the effects or before everything is late. You may ignore the side effect but please consider about this ‘be considerate those helpless people surround you to become passive smoker, which inhale the same amount of toxic you inhaled’.

Saba fish is one of famous food among Japanese. Saba fish is Pacific mackerel means ma-saba (Scomber japonicus). With a blue-green back and dark marking, 50 cm length or so and weight up to 1.8 kg, its fat increases from 4% to 15% in the autumn. Being such an oily fish it is good to be grilled, cooked with miso or sunomono, but cooking methods using oil should be avoided to prevent fish oil away from the fish.

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s really hard to use only one-word answers. Be sure to tag the person who sent it to you!
  1. Where is your cell phone? Bag
  2. Your hair? Spiky
  3. Your mother? Active
  4. Your father? Busy
  5. Your favorite food? Vegie
  6. Your dream last night? None
  7. Your favorite drink? Juices
  8. Your dream/goal? Heaven
  9. What room you are in? Living
  10. Your hobby? Jogging
  11. Your fear? Cockroach
  12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Holyland
  13. Where were you last night? Mall
  14. Something that you aren’t? Sobber
  15. Muffins? Sometimes
  16. Wish list item? Few
  17. Where you grew up? Jakarta
  18. Last thing you did? Blogging
  19. What are you wearing? Shirt
  20. Your TV? Any
  21. Your pets? Fishes
  22. Friends? Lots
  23. Your life? Happy
  24. Your mood? Good
  25. Missing someone? Sister
  26. Car? Haven't
  27. Something you’re not wearing? Gown
  28. Your favorite store? Esprit
  29. Your favorite color? Pastels
  30. When is the last time you laughed? Now
  31. Last time you cried? Forgotten
  32. Who will resend this? Friends
  33. One place that I go to over and over? Supermarket
  34. One person who emails me regularly? Secret
  35. My favorite place to eat? Outback
Thank you Nance for this fun tag, i'll try to answer it honestly :P. And i'd like to share tag with my friends ... Rosa, Yani, Beth, Donna, Dhemz, Natalia, Fia al Kurosawa, Gab's mom, Clarissa and Donnalyn

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