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How We See Ourselves and the World

Experienced of losses can create grief reaction. Grief is associated with life and death, especially sudden death as unexpected death.
Many of us are unable to cope when loss occurs, and unpreparedness can prolong the mourning process. These things affect how we see ourselves and the world, and we mourn for what has gone.
Depression and sickness, guilt and anger are common symptoms of grief, and it’s important if we mourn for any sort of loss to avoid sickness or instability. The better people understand the bereavement process, the better they will be able to cope with loss.

There are many responses to grief and everyone reacts to it in an individual manner.
The stages of mourning process generally:
SHOCK, numbness and disbelief are usually the first responses as mind’s way of protecting self from to much bad news all at once. Person in shock should be protected as they are in vulnerable state, postpone to take major decision is advised.
DENIAL. Adjustment to an overwhelming realty, a refu…