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Your problem reliever.

I do believe that there are sometimes we drown into the problem, until we couldn’t see clearly on what happened to us. Drowning instead of wake up our mind on the things we need to do to solve it.

This afternoon I went out with my buddy, we choose library as our 2nd destinations, after having tea-time in the restaurant nearby. My big intention to go there because I’d like to find a good book to release my tension, as I got problem for the past few years, the problem that never been solved.But fortune is still on me when I found a good book to be read, finally. The title is THE OPPORTUNITY IN EVERY PROBLEM authored by SCOTT L.TAYLOR. The title looked can relieved my heart-pain, I thought … then I picked it up.

Dear reader, sometimes it’s good to take sometimes to think-to realize-to look into our self when we (think) we got problem, but don’t take long wisely. Because unresolved problems are nothing more than our inability to focus on the probable positive outcome that could result from …