Why Fruit and Vegetable is a must?

Fruit and vegetables are loaded with vitamins A, B, C and E, and mineral such as manganese, calcium, potassium and iron. Fruits and vegetables are also contain phytochemicals (beneficial plant substance) that help to strengthen body's immune system. Vegetables is also lowering the risk of heart disease, cancer (by 30%) and stroke. Fruits and vegetables with their fibre can lower blood cholesterol and promotes healthy bowel functions.

Variety of vegetables serve us variety of nutrients as well. Dark green vegetables are rich in calcium, folate and iron. And brightly colourful vegetables have more nutrients, neutralizing free radicals and help to fight cancer.

What is Phytochemicals?

Phytochemical is plant chemical, produced naturally by vegetables to protect against bacterias, viruses and fungus. Studies shown that phytochemical can prevent our body from cancer, stroke and heart disease.
Phytochemical can be found in:
  1. Carotenoids, found in carrot, crude palm oil and apricot.
  2. Flavonoids, found in apples, onions, Brussels sprout, green and black tea, citrus fruits, tomato, red grapes, onions & berrys family.
  3. Indoles, found in cabbage and broccoli.

How to store fruits and vegetables?

Leafy green should be consume soon after buy, because it spoil faster due to water content.
Vegetables should be store away from fruits, because ethylene produced by ripe fruit can turn vegetables to yellow.
Store banana and root vegetables in cool-dry place but not in refrigerator.
Frozen vegetables like diced carrot, peas, shredded corn can be stored for months in freezer.

How to preparing?
  • Prepare just before consume.
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water to remove dirt, bacteria and chemical.
  • Cut after rinse and minimize cutting to reduce nutrient loss.
How to cook?
  • Do not overcooked
  • Cook quickly to prevent nutrient loss
  • Use less oil to prevent vitamins diluted into oil.


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Veggies and fruits are one of Gods planned nourishment's ...how can we not realize their importance.
I just wish that we did not have to worry about all those insecticides and color that they add.
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