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Pregnancy and Fitness

I used to work before my 2nd pregnancy, and did exercise most of the times-3times a week for 30minutes, at least. Even with my condition now I still want to do it, through out my pregnancy to maintain my fitness level, preparing for delivery and allow my self a quick recovery after all. But I was to scared to do so, then I stop and really full stop from this my favourite habit until the 4th months pregnancy. And guess what was happened? … painful all over my body, nothing miss out, anytime and anywhere, unbearable pain. Can say that I lost my body elasticity ever since. Plus (minus) my gynea never give me the correct answer and explanation, ‘ how should I work on it’, just a simple answer ‘it happened to all pregnant woman’. Funny … my 6th years old so even know it.

And thanks to CHERRY BAKER the author of this book PREGNANCY AND FITNESS, finally I found. Complete with some picture and lots of useful up to date information, that even better than my gynea ( as if I can see her I will gi…