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Vinegar may be a fat buster

The lasting fat-busting weapon may be found right in your kitchen. According to the health website WebMD, Japanese researchers said that ordinary household vinegars appear to turn on genes that help the body break down fats. This helps prevent fat buildup in the body, thwarting weight gain.

Vinegar has been used in folk remedies since ancient times. In recent years, research has suggested that acetic acid, the organic chemical in vinegar which gives it its sour taste, can help control blood pressure and sugar.

The Japanese researchers, led by Dr Tomoo Kondo from the Central Research Institute of the Mizkan Group Corporation, found that vinegar could influence genes link to fatty acid oxidation and heat-generating (energy-burning) proteins.

They feed mice a high-fat diet. One group of mice was given vinegar through a stomach tube. Another group was given a lower dose – vinegar diluted with water – and a third group was not given vinegar. The experiment showed that all the vinegar-fed mice…

MJ - No Other Singer Comes Close

Don’t compare Justin Timberlake to Michael Jackson, especially at this time when Jackson has just left us. Timberlake is nowhere near Jackson.

When you say King of Pop, it’s not about who is dominating the pop music world right now. It’s about who made the pop music scene what it is today.

Before Jackson, there was no one person good at both singing and dancing. He came and artistes who came after him realized they have to do both to be a pop idol.

Billy Jean was the first music video from a black artist to get played on MTV. Jackson broke the color barrier in the music industry before Obama did in the politics. Give him credit for that!

He was also the first artiste to incorporate complex story lines and dance techniques into a music video, transforming it from a promotional tool into an art form.

Before him, a music video was a just a video showing the singer singing to the camera. Don’t forget his trademarks – the moonwalk, toe-stand, 45-degree lean, the spins, the crotch grabbing, the …