Why do you smoke?

Why do you smoke? It is so familiar question for you if you are a smoker. You are definitely depend on a cigarette anytime, anywhere and for whatever reason, in happiness and sadness, when you need an idea to write, when you bored, as a best dessert after meal, to waste your time while you wait for something or someone, and some people even prefer to be in hunger rather than no smoke. What a fascinating of cigarette, it is became your best soul mate even closer than your heart-the most important thing in your body to support your life.
Maybe you haven’t realize it yet, because you haven’t feel the effect yet to your self-people surround you and your love one especially, or most probably you think that ‘people could die anytime-anywhere, it’s just a matter of God’s willing’ and so on. You can have lots of reasons to say just to legitimate your ‘addicted’ on cigarette, correct me if I am wrong. Sure, you might don’t care about your self, but do you mind to spare your thought to your love one about the effects you gave them?

What is inside your soul mate?

Cigarette loaded harmful ingredients, the most dangerous things are:
  • Tar: Leave black and sticky spot on to the lungs, it is carcinogenic and a smoking powerful addiction.
  • Ammonium Hydroxide: absorb nicotine to perform an effective delivery system to the lungs. Inhale it may damage the upper respiratory tract
  • Nicotine: has fast effect to speed up heart beat and blood pressure.
  • Benzene: produced during burn processed, high reactive and carcinogenic.
  • Arsenic: Killer poison.
  • Carbon monoxide: it block red cell from oxygen absorption in bloodstream to the lungs, it cause short breath.
I’ve been through this for years; go for counseling, fasting and all the good things to prevent me from smoking. But none were giving me good result, because I was not serious enough to quit, because the feel to quit was not there and I did it in a half way. The true willing comes from your heart within, but you also can’t depend on your willing to quit, depend on someone to get the effects or before everything is late. You may ignore the side effect but please consider about this ‘be considerate those helpless people surround you to become passive smoker, which inhale the same amount of toxic you inhaled’.


SHIRO said…
Kenapa saya merokok????? itu pertanyaan yg g perlu di jawab kali ya donn itu sama aja nanya kenapa anda makan wkwkwkwkwk....tapi bagus juga bisa sharing bahaya merokok.
Donna said…
I donna. I linked to your site using na word someone on my entry: http://www.donnalynweir.com/2009/07/poem-for-broken-hearted.html

Please check it out!
Anonymous said…
i smoke occasionally..going to quit that too..some of my friends are addicted to it...we should avoid smoking in public places.
Nance said…
Hi donna, I have something for you. check it out at Live N Learn.
Have a happy tuesday girl.
Josh n' Lyn said…
Hi donna!!! I'm so glad that my hubby doesn't smoke. I think that smoking is really bad for health and it also smells bad hehehe...
dede said…
smoking cause unhealthy environment, give more generous to non smoking person and bad smell. Further mote, cigarette is expensive in Singapore. LOL...
dede said…
correction to my comment dangerous instead of generous...thanks
Karol said…
Hey dear, sure... in fact , i was thinking about it today, but I forgot.. it's late now in here, so I gotta go to bed , but tomorrow morning I will try to do it , okay???
thanks for visiting me
nite nite
Dorothy L said…
Hey Donna....Thank you for your oh so sweet words:)

Smoking is such a bad habit and not only that but it is an addiction also. Addiction is a very hard habit to overcome. It takes commitment and discipline to maintain the breaking of any addiction.

Many do not understand how hard it is for people to quit smoking...it is a very difficult task.
The more awareness about how harmful it is is a very good thing as it helps support these people in continuing their struggles in breaking free of their addiction.
Fida Abbott said…
Hello Donna,

Nice post.
Btw, I have fixed your link. Now it has been linked. Thanks for your reminder. Have great day.
bluedreamer27 said…
thanks god i never smoke in my entire life and i will never do that cause i know the risk of smoking my dad got his lung cancer from smoking so maybe thats one of my reason whay i hate smoking
my katiebug said…
hey there, donna! thank you for this very nice and informative post. you have a good one! :)
Anonymous said…
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bluedreamer27 said…
by the way, hope you dont mind
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hope you can place it in your blog roll... thanks a lot!!!
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Yudie said…
i used to be a smoker... bu i quit now.
hi donna,
abdi ngga smoke...nyium bau asap rokok aja ga bisa..
apa enaknya merokok..
udahlah uang habis dibakar...paru2 juga rusak..yeikksss.. :-)
@ Shiro: Well, It's useless to say, "I cannot leave this ciggarete as I have addicted to this one."

Why? It is because smoking is not a necessary. It's totally different from eat and drink. A thousand percent different thing!
aku seorang perokok.
aku tau bahaya rokok dari penyebabnya . yang mana akhirnya aku tau penangkalnya. atau meminimalis efek yang timbul.
sama seperti kita mengkonsumsi makanan yang tinggi kalori dan lemak. Tentu saja dessert yang di pilih yang pastinya menekan kalori itu sendiri.
tapi, aku pribadi sama sekali tidak menganjurkan untuk merokok, karena aku tau sulitnya untuk lepas dari itu.
aku punya alasan tersendiri mengapa aku merokok.
Dan sebisa mungkin tidak merugikan orang lain dengan merokok.
genial said…
'coz i've got everything i need from that silly thing... quit smoke?!??! what an idea!!! but wait a sec..... no no no.. :D:D:D:D

anyway... still remember me...?!?!?

I have something to give.. it's a kinda gift or something... award, blogger award... check that out if you had a time..

thnx and have a gorgeous day to you :)
Yudie said…
Hi Donna..
how's life ?

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