Cooping with Stress

Many experts on handling stress advocate turning to traditional practice such as yoga or taiji, or leaning breathing techniques to restore calm. All these are excellent ways to de-stress. Choose one that suits you.

However in the work place, there are some practical steps you can take to handle stress:

Priorities your work and do what is urgent and important first.
Look at what can be delegated and remember always to delegate according to people's strengths, so that you are confident they can get the assigned task done.

Manage your time
There are many training programs on time management that you can sign up for to help you handle your time more effectively. Or, partner with a colleague who is good at time management and is willing to mentor you.

Being able to say "no"
This is difficult but sometimes you have to reject task diplomatically by making others aware that if something else has to be done, something else will fall off the cliff.

Clarify intent.
If someone seems to be undermining you, it is essential to seek clarification. Sit down with the other party and ask why there seems to be a problem. You might be surprised how wrong you were all along. On the other hand, if there are some issues that need to be resolved, you have made the first step in finding the solution.

Seek support
Seek management’s help. Some managers think that more will get done by squeezing the lemon. They fail to understand that better team interaction will deliver better results.

Manage personal stress
Personal problems that brought to workplace will hinder you from working productively, just adds to your stress. Try to resolve it with pope techniques or seeing a counselor. You will be come to work with clear mind.


donna,long time no see U::). The main poit for us is don't forget to pray and try to face the problem with smile:)
Anonymous said…
saying "no" is surely a hard task..great post..
Dorothy L said…
Great post Donna.

I love the waterfalls...I wish I had that in my back yard.
Exercise or even a simple walk is excellent for distracting ones mind for a time from stress which in turn will allow a stronger and fresher mind when they return.

I hope life is treating you well:)

When you choose your battles..remember that not all battles have to be won or fought for that matter :)
bluedreamer27 said…
these are so true and in addition to that stress can be lessen by making changes in your surroundings, time management and caringly and carefully communicate...
Sometimes your stress is caused by taking on too many responsibilities. Some people have a habit of always saying "yes" to requests for help by others. Pretty soon they not only have all their own problems and responsibilities to attend to-they have everyone else's too! You need to become more aware of your limits and learn when you have reached them. The next step is to practice saying "no". Remember, your first responsibility is to your own health. You are of little use to others if you are not healthy.

have a great day ahead!!
Hi Mbak Donna...!

This post suits to the recent condition of mine. Tired and very very busy with my job. My boss gets me to translated a bunch of texts, whereas none helps me. Consequently, I leave my blog for several days, no passion to write another opinion :((

Getting strees for a while and therefore I turn back to my band and have a show and recording. That's one of the so many ways of how I cope with stress.

Best regards,

Best regards,

Irfan Melodic Nugroho
Melodramatic Mind

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DPM said…
Was here today to read your blog. Great post by the way. Hope you can visit my austin home theater blog too. Thanks!

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