Poggi Kimchi

Poggi kimchi or napa cabbage kimchi is the traditional Korean kimchi. With main ingredients: napa cabbage, mustard leaves, watercress, scallion, Korean chives and radish.

Start do napa preparation: cut napa into 4 equally. wash under running water, sprinkle with salt evenly between and over the cabbage. Soak it in enough water to cover it then leave it 6-8hours. Drain and wash under running water, then drain it for about 30minutes.

Cabbage to be spread by sauce mixture (additional fish sauce) in between leaf and outside. Put inside the container with lid then live it for 36 hours in room temperature. Put kimchi into refrigerator after opened, and it will last for 6 weeks.


Looks delicious... I wanna have and taste this one... But, where'd I get it in Jogja? Anybody here, would you please telling me where to get Poggi Kimchi in Jogja? Hehehe

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