Do you know kimchi? Kimchi is Korean fermented vegetables during the winter months. It is traditionally made by pickled and preserved in earthenware jars in holes in the ground with steady temperature for about 2 weeks or even a month. There are over 200 kinds kimchi, different variation of original recipes. About 10 kimchi recipes are commonly eaten, those are cabbage, radishes, cucumber, garlic, ginger and onions.

Among Korean it's became a necessary side dish for almost every meal. With it's distinction smell, kimchi with probiotic factor benefits is medically proven long since.

Kimchi basic sauce ingredients are red pepper powder, sweet rice paste, fresh ginger, ground salted shrimp, minced garlic, sugar and salt.

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kang-dwi said…
i'm fist / pertamax
Nice post and tetap semangat
Andre said…
Looks like yummy and healthy.
dede said…
Yummy, treat me ah
donna novita said…
@ kang-dwi: sama2 kang
@ Andre: it is.
@ dede: no worries ...
Nance said…
This is one of the dish that hubby introduced me awhile back. He has his own version of this and I love it...too bad he is not around and I'm craving for it.
Nance said…
thanks donna, he is using cucumber and I like the way he did his..not too hot. tc.
Dorothy L said…
Hello...It looks and sounds delicious...but for it to have to marinade that long....I would for sure starve. :)
A good dietary method though:)

Have a lovely day!
sy belum pernah makan kimci..tapi melihat penampilannya sih, pasti rasanya asam2 pedes gitu khan?
oya, sekedar info, bahan baku kimci kalo ngga salah kol dan sebangsanya banyak diimport dari Berastagi (North Sumatera). dikirim dengan menggunakan container reefer.
saya pernah handle export ini..biasanya dikirim ke Taiwan dan Korea..
tuh...hebat kan indonesia..
halah...koq jadi ngomongin yang lain ya..hehe
I cannot imagine if I were Korean because almost every meal is served with Kimchi.

I think there is a need to create another variation of Kimchi. In this sense, I would ask my mother to cook Kimchi combined with...ehhmmm, GUDEG JOGJA....

Have you tasted it, Donna? But I cannot figure out what it be..hehehe
Maya said…
kelihatannya pedas ... tapi yummy ... boleh kirim satu ke sini? :)
donna novita said…
@ Nance: Mare, can use any stuff but still the same sauce.
@ Dorothy L: Ready made kimchi could be bought in a minute :P
@ Budiawan Hutasoit: kebanyakan sayur disini juga diimpor dr Brastagi, Indo tetap yg terbaik bang.
@ Irfan: i tasted it once a week, at least :P. It's tasty & spicy.
@ Maya: mau ketemuan dimana nih ... :P

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