5th Award

Was so happy to know my blogger friend Fida Abbot want to share her award to me, thanks a lot for this cute award.

Rules for the award:
Put the award in a post when you receive it.
Name and link to the blogger who gave you the award in the post.
Write the reason why you love to blog.
Pass the award on to other bloggers that you know.
Name and link to your recipients in the post.
Let your recipients know that the award was passed on to them.

The reason why I love to blog:
Is because I can have new friends through blogging, I can learn and share altogether good things I know with my blogger friend- could be as a reminder or just knowledge.
That's it for now.

Than I’d like to pass to my blogger friends...
Dorothy L
Gazafi Saif
Gab’s mom
Flying Low


Anonymous said…
Hello friend Donna, thank you for the visit, new day of happiness and peace. Hugs Valter.
Anonymous said…
Thank you dear Donna that remembered me, and for your affection. Hugs Valter
Tripzibit said…
Hi, Donna. thanks for the tag. Will grab it soon. :)
Clarissa said…
Congratulations to your award,Donna!You deserve them!!^_^
Anonymous said…
"Aslmkm,,,,, sahabat blogger semuanya..... pa kabar.. pagi nih.... aku mau pamit nih... beberapa bulan mendatang.. aku absen ngeBlog...."

Donna said…
Love this award for blogger thing:)
donna,congratulation on your 5TH award,and thnks a lot for giving this award. successs....
tarmizi said…
anyway congrat..
bluedreamer27 said…
thanks for doing the tag
its good to see that we find blogging as a way to start friendship
happy blogging
gab's mom said…
hey donna!

thanks for the award!
i'm awarding it back to you friend :-)

let's keep blogging! :-)
Dorothy L said…
Huggz Donna....thank you girl for choosing my blog.

I appreciate it more than words can say :)

genial said…
congratulations to all of you guys :) selamet juga astinya buat mba'nya en salam kenal iia :)
Anonymous said…
Hello my dear friend Donna, thank you for the visit, good week of happiness and peace. Hugs Valter.
my katiebug said…
hi there, donna! thanks for sharing the tag with me. I will grab it later, k? i hope you're having a wonderful weekend. have a great week ahead! :)
Tripzibit said…
Good morning, Donna. Just wanna tell you that i've post the award that you gave me. Here's the link :

Thank you my dear friend :)
Bala Salgada said…
Congratulations on the meme! When I receive one I'll present you my new friend and partner.
Fida Abbott said…
Hello Donna,

I am glad you like the award and share it to your friends.

Have nice day.
Anonymous said…
thanks so much for the tag...hey u asked for link exchange..i hv added urs in my cool blogs section :-)
SHIRO said…
Makasih banget donn mau berbagi tapi cara tuk dapetin gmn ya soalnya aku belum pernah dapet hehehe
Anonymous said…
hi sweet viewers add my blog in ur site. i added ur link in my blog plz chk?
dark wings said…
Great info here..cheers!

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