TV's Effects on Kids

Who doesn't like to watch TV? TV is the most popular entertainment in the world, not only because it is affordable but it is also convenience, just have a multiple entertainment at home that's it.

TV has many viewers from all range of ages. from kids; teens; adult until elderly love to watch.
TV is the most information resources whether local and world news people will look for, up dating technology, science info, education, knowledge and entertainment.

But, as good thing comes along with bad thing, TV also can bring bad influence to us, kids and teens especially. It comes to be bad when you don't know how to clarify what's on TV clearly, can't divide which is wrong or right, and it is mostly happened to kids who don't understand yet what's on. Even sometimes we got wrong message of assuming news news on TV in half way, without full in detail.

Kids with their limited experience in life need us as parent to describe. Be their companion as their censor and interpreter, even for a cartoon movie. But don't feed the kids with TV all the time, because TV is ready made knowledge that doesn't bring creativity in mind comparing with free play and outdoor activities.
And TV is not for infant and toddler consumed, research show aggressiveness more than those who don't watch TV. Consistent, heavy television viewing (more than two hours a day) throughout early childhood can cause behavior, sleep and attention problems.

Don't let our kids watch TV on adult session which exposure sex and violence; movies with fright; crime; stun and special effects, that kids will never understand nor tolerance to it.

How to deal with you kids watching TV's habit:
  1. Set limit of TV uses, only in free time and not more than 2hours.
  2. Plan what to watch, don't flip the channel.
  3. Be their interpreter of what they watch.
  4. Find the right messages.
  5. Explain to them the purpose of commercial break.
  6. Take a qualify movie, check it before you buy or rent it.
  7. Give other option than watching TV, like reading or ever positive thing they like.
  8. Make your self as a role model by limiting TV watching.
  9. Express your view for misleading or inappropriate on TV.
  10. Get more information about safe TV session for kids.


dede said…
It great post! Btw, how bad is the effect of TV to us?

Thank for sharing
Dorothy L said…
Hey Donna.
You are so bang on with your thoughts about television being the wrong type of child rearer.
Even 30 years ago when my first son was a baby...I watched my girlfriends whose children were about 2 years ahead of mine being sat in front of the television in playpens so that the mother could do whatever. That was not the problem as the mother always had sesame street on but what was wrong was the fact that the child was being taught to be dependent on television.
Now the children have cell phones, video games, porn, text messaging which all are creating a very desensitized world of young people.

It always did and always will go back to the parent and how they monitored their children as they were growing up.
So yes...we need more awareness posts going out to parents:)

Have a very nice day!
donna novita said…
@ dede: please refer to my post. Thx 2 b my 'early' comentator.

@ Dorothy_L: I wish i give them freedom in watching TV, but nowadays even in kid program is also have adult commercial break. As u said 'be their monitor' is the best.
Thx for sharing ...
ogiex.slash said…
yeah i agree with that, most TV program in indonesia is suck!! full of junks...their programs just poisoning our soul...Sinetron, Reality Show, Cartoon, Bollywood movies...all of them its junks!!!
I'm not a kid anymore, but I love watching spongebob ver much. Indeed, there is a need, for us as parents, to plant a "filtering-system" on out chindren's mind. You're right to say that we should accompany our children when they're watching TV, but how long? Yes, while we're accompnying them; we could tell them, "Kids, what will happen if you do that action at school?" So we should keep encountering the bad messages of TV through balancing them with our advices.

The best way of getting them away from TV is to have outdoor activities with our children. But those who live in developing countries, perhaps, never have enough time for having fun with their children. THe only things on their mind, perhaps, is how to earn money as many as they could. Indeed, money couldn't buy anything. In Singapore, economic welfare is available for every single person, but they're rare to smile. Differ from Indonesia, we find it hard to become rich, but most people here could smile to everyone, even to the strangers.
SHIRO said…
banyak juga sich pengaruh tv buat anak kecil, baik itu yg baik ato yang jelek..semua itu tergantung kitanya bisa tidak menjaga atau memberi tahu kpd adik,anak kita tentang program tayang yang ada disebuah stasiun tv.
Fernsehen, nur passive actvity, warum sie nicht im Stich lassen Internet zu surfen, Sie ist eine der am besten andere Blogger, Mom ??
Maya said…
Actually some channels are good, especially if we have TV cable ... like Discovery, National Geographic, and BabyVision. I encourage my kids to watch that kinda channels and always try to be there when they watch TV. But I encourage them more to spend time together playing in our room, jumping on bed, playing flash card, and so on.
donna novita said…
@ Ogiex: that is what we call parents' job.
@ Irfan: be 'kids' monitor' till they r mature enough to understand. Love ur comment 'Fan.
@ Shiro: no.1 Shiro!
@ Maya : other opinion from u i agree with.
Sourav said…
You are absolutely correct about the disadvantages.But nowadays, there are so many other things which have worse effects on children.The internet is the leader in that list.
masih banyak koq program2 di TV yang bagus dan layak di tonton oleh anak2 spt yang disebutkan sama Maya.
orangtualah yg harus tetap mendampingi dan memberikan informasi yang benar mengenai acara2/program yang akan ditonton.
saran saya..jangan pernah tonton sinetron Indonesia, apalagi yg isinya cuman marah2, melotot..anak marah ke pembantu, ayah marah ke anak, ibu marah ke bapak..walahhhh..
donna novita said…
@ Sourav: thx Sourav, actually those have a good side as well, depend on parents control.
@Budiawan Hutasoit: banyak sinetron yg tidak mendidik ya bang...
HENDRA said…
hmm ilike it, great post,..
( Duta Business School )
visit me ... thanks...
Nance said…
good post. I am very careful of what shows my children are watching and I always turned it on in the educational ones. have a great weekend.
memang pengaruhnya sngat besar .......
lagian siaran tv sekarang ma yang dulu beda.....

jangan lupa klik iklan aq yah....
donna novita said…
@ Hendra: thx 4 ur comment.
@ Nance: am agree!
@ dulu Unyil & Oshin, sekarang ... sinetron.
Bayu bimantoro said…
i like this article....

but we do not blame TV, how do we as parents must educate our children.
Carlos said…
Ahhhhh...TV,the ultimate brain washing machine. :)

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