Mas Selamat Kastari captured!

Mas Selamat bin Kastari finally nabbed in Johor Baru by Malaysian policeman, after escaped from a Singapore maximum security detention centre in Whitley Road on Feb 27, 2008. The news announced just today after six weeks ago being arrested by Malaysia authorities, he was being held in Malaysia under the country's Internal Security Act.

Mas Selamat bin Kastari, 48years old is Indonesian-born Singaporean. He is allegedly to be the head of the Singapore branch Jemaah Islamiyah. According to Singapore Police Force, he is suspected of plotting to bomb Singapore Changi Airport in 2002 and planned to crashed a plane into the airport. Even though he has never proved and never been formally charged with any terrorism-related offences he was detained under Singapore's Internal Security Act, which allows indefinite detention without trial.


Anonymous said…
weew... Tahniah deh.... buat bg Selamat Bin Kastari..... salam kenal nCik..
Semar Badranaya said…
Is he a real terorist.... ? :)
seira 277 said…
Thanks God finally he's captured...Nice post.. :)
donna novita said…
@ sungaikuantan: salam kenal juge,
@ Semar Badranaya: am not so sure, & he's been detained without trial.
@ Seira: thanks for dropping by.
soewoeng plasu said…
walopun namanya selamat tapi nasipnya ketangkap juga ya?

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