My 1st award

Thanks a lot to Dede for the award,
this is my first award.
As his last message (not last word) i'd like to pass by this to :


Dede Online
BitterSweet Life


sweetdonut said…
did you get my tag for you?
i hope you will grab it donna..:-)
LocateBlogger said…
You blog surely fabulous.Congrat for d award and thanks 4 visiting my blog.
Dorothy L said…
Huggzz for you Donna. You have made me smile today and also you have made me feel so appreciated by your kindness. Thank you:)
donna novita said…
@ sweetdonut: salamat mare,kumusta ka?
@ LocateBlogger: tq bro, ur music blog is the great.
@Dorothy_L: u r wellcome, wish we could know each other.
Handycrafts said…
wow, nice blog, best of picture and amazing.
HADDY said…
your blog so nice girl...

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