Foods allergen to Asthma

Food allergy involved patients with food-induced asthma, it’s recognized by the symptoms begin within a few hours of eating food allergen. For years many scientific and clinical research investigate that some foods and foods ingredients may cause symptoms triggers with asthma. It is unusual, but food allergies may trigger asthma.

Bellow mentions foods and foods additives can trigger asthma:
• Eggs
• Peanuts
• Tree nuts
• Soy
• Wheat
• Fishes
• Smoke especially from tobacco
• Tartrazine and other food dyes or colourings.
Benzoates as food and drug preservative.
BHA and BHT as food preservatives.
MSG or monosodium glutamate as flavour enhancer.
Aspartame as sweetener.
Nitrat and nitrit as food preservatives.
Sulphites and sulphating agents such, sodium sulphite, sodium bisulphite, sodium metasulfite, potassium bisulphite, potassium metasulfite and sulphur dioxide.
Sulphites is found commonly in some preservatives or processed foods such dried fruits or vegetables, potato chips, wine and beer, bottled lemon and lime juice, shrimps and pickled foods.

The best way is avoiding and eliminating those foods and food agents from your eating environment. Read ingredients label on the packages for your best protections.


Nopi Mujiyanto said…
Wahhh....untung aja ga penyakit asma,..jadi makan sepuasnya..:)
Rere said…
I can live without smoke. Can you tell how to stop smoke ??
donna novita said…
@ Nopi: mumpung masih sehat, ada baiknya makan dijaga ya mas ...
@Rere: nothing can stop u from smoking, until u r realize it.
beth said…
How about chicken skin? People say it even triggers skin allergies like ringworm.
donna novita said…
@ Beth: all foods could be a trigger, depend on individual. the allergic test is the safe way to know.
Andre said…
This post is important.
Thanks to remind me.
AKI-G@UL said…
Segitu banyaknya pantangannya, mungkin bisa disebutkan secara spesifik apa saja makanan atau minuman yang mengandung ini dan itu yang tdk boleh dimakan dan diminum bagi penderita Asma ini ! Salam ....
Shiro said…
Sip dah buat donna, Untungnya aku gak da alergi ato penyakit jadi mungkin tulisan ini bisa jadi referensi toek bantu org yg memiliki penyakit tsb.
donna novita said…
@Andre: don't mention it ...
@Aki: Asthma trigger tiap penderita ga selalu sama Ki, yg saya ulas trigger pada umumnya. yg paling penting emosi stabil & aware of the food intake.
@Shiro: i hope so ...
KidRock said…
i want to smoke but i cant,,,
dede online said…
Donna, you are been tagged! There is awards for you,..

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