20 mistakes parents made in teaching their children

1.  Want the kids to do their commands without telling them the causes. As parents we have to give the explanation to the kids why they can not to do something, in good manner, calm and wisely.

2.  No fixed rule for the kids. To spoil them and give whatever they want make them don’t care with their surround. But giving a hard life is only making them feel bad and waste by parents who do not appreciate their hard work. and what you did is going to be a bad example to them

3.  Parents’ weakness in teaching the kids how to control themselves and behaviour, giving love and attention in the same time.

4.  Don’t have passionate to handle the kids. Parents know how to control their emotion and passion if they understand:
-   Kids standard is different with adult standard
-   Commit mistakes is the most thing kids will do
-   Kids problematic can’t be finished in one day.

5.  Don’t understand the kids’ motivation in doing mistakes, without response the mistake in the right way.
-   don’t know how to control and improve them
-   don’t know if they don’t understand
-   don’t know how to control their willing to explore the things they want to know
-   their willing to get attention
-   feel boor and uncomfortable
-   their willing to depend on them selves and feel free
-   parents don’t want to accept the way they are, in goodness or weakness
-   don’t have enough soul needs such as:
a.   psychic needs like eating, sleeping, playing etc
b.   feel save
c.   feel loved by parents
d.   need to be appreciated
e.   need to be existed among family and friends.

6.   Parents too scare with the kids’ threat.
7.   Giving to much promises and gifts.
8.   Don’t give support when they do good things.
9.   Don’t give punishment when they do mistakes.
10. Don’t show them a positive behaviour.
11. Make comparison between your kids with other people.
12. Contradictive in teaching your kids.
13. Don’t give enough love and attention
14. Don’t know the limits of physical punishment
15. Don’t care about the kids characters.
16. Don’t know the steps to interact with the kids
17. Make them feel down in front of other people.
18. Don’t have one voice between mother and father in teaching method.
19. Ask the kids to participate in making the rules, so they have respect the rule they made.
20. Follow commons negative ways, such as:
- tyranny
- overprotective
- pessimistic
- spoiled to much
- inconsistent


dede said…
Its a great post! Thanks for sharing...

djamz said…
Nice blog and content... great post...
donna novita said…
@dede ... thanks a lot ya
@djamz ... u have a great blog, mind following me?
Dorothy L said…
Very thorough post and effective.
You covered everything from a-z in the subject of parenting.

Children need to be taught to make decisions and choices also at an early age. Starting with very simple suggestions and as they grow working them into larger situations. If we as parents do not teach this very vital growth step...they will never be able to make their own choices or decisions thus forming into them into a follower characteristic.


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