Pregnancy and Fitness

I used to work before my 2nd pregnancy, and did exercise most of the times-3times a week for 30minutes, at least. Even with my condition now I still want to do it, through out my pregnancy to maintain my fitness level, preparing for delivery and allow my self a quick recovery after all. But I was to scared to do so, then I stop and really full stop from this my favourite habit until the 4th months pregnancy. And guess what was happened? … painful all over my body, nothing miss out, anytime and anywhere, unbearable pain. Can say that I lost my body elasticity ever since. Plus (minus) my gynea never give me the correct answer and explanation, ‘ how should I work on it’, just a simple answer ‘it happened to all pregnant woman’. Funny … my 6th years old so even know it.

And thanks to CHERRY BAKER the author of this book PREGNANCY AND FITNESS, finally I found. Complete with some picture and lots of useful up to date information, that even better than my gynea ( as if I can see her I will give two thumbs up for her, without hesitation).
But still dear readers, you need some consultation with your doctor to do I and their approval, see how your pregnancy goes, your condition and lowering you exercise level to few level backwards, as your body changing naturally during your pregnancy.

Anyway, what ever reason you have for reading this book, I am sure it’s useful for you, whether your planning to be pregnant or in already pregnant.
Have a nice book!


nita said…
terima kasih sudah berkunjung

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